Cymraeg at High Cross

High Cross have their very own Criw Cymraeg, who help to raise the profile of

incidental Welsh used in and outside of the classroom.

Current Action - Working towards our Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award


 Brawddeg yr Wythnos

Criw Cymraeg introduce the phrase of the week/ fourtnight in our Foundation Phase and Key Stage Two Assemblies, using actions to help us remember them.

 The current phrase(s):

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi wneud?

Dwin'n hoffi wneud...

 They act as "Detectif Cymraeg" throughout the week to catch the language being used by both adults and children in the school. This will lead to the awarding of a certificate in our weekly Cymraeg Assembly.

 Tuc Ffrwythau:

Beth wyt ti eisiau?     Ga i.....os qwelwch yn dda.