Peer Mediators


High Cross Peer Mediators


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What is Mediation?

Mediation is the use of a ‘go between’ to help people who are in conflict to find a way of settling their differences.

It is importantly a voluntary process. Children choose to access peer mediation if they are experiencing problems with their peers.


What do Peer Mediators do?

 Give all children a chance to tell their side of the story

  • Allow them to make their own decisions
  • Give them the opportunity to find a solution to their problems which everyone accepts and thinks is fair.


Peer Mediators DO NOT:

 Replace existing ways we have of managing disputes in school

  • Break up fights
  • Take sides
  • Tell people what to do
  • Act as judge and jury.


How will the Peer Mediators work within our school?

Peer Mediators work in pairs generally over the beaktime period. At High Cross Primary School the mediators will be placed upon a weekly rota with a pair of mediators being on duty for 1 session a week. The children will have the support of Mrs Coker who they can talk to about any problems they may be experiencing. Regular meetings with the mediators will be held during the year.