School Improvement Group (S.I.G.)


As a democratic society every September each child has the opportunity to stand for election as their class representative on the S.I.G committee. This is a group which meets weekly to discuss matters of importance to the children and work to put in place plans and systems to improve the school environment for everyone. Every child in years 3-6 writes a S.I.G manifesto and then those children wishing to stand for election begin a week of campaigning to raise votes. Elections are then held to vote in a girl and boy representative for each class year 3 to year 6.


S.I.G. 2017

S.I.G. Members meet with Mrs Williams every Wednesday afternoon, to work on the current school action. 

Current aim and objective:



They've recently supported the school Christmas card recycling and counted ........ cards in total. Thank you everyone for your support!


Click here to see  photos of the SIG group's  visit to the Houses of Parliament in 2015