School Improvement Group (S.I.G.)

 Every September each child has the opportunity to stand for election as their class representative on the S.I.G committee. This is a group which meets weekly to discuss matters of importance to the children and work to put in place plans and systems to improve the school environment for everyone. Every child in years 3-6 writes a S.I.G manifesto and then those children wishing to stand for election begin a week of campaigning to raise votes. Elections are then held to vote in a girl and boy representative for each class year 3 to year 6.

Welcome to the S.I.G for 2017-2018. We would like to share with you some of the amazing work this group are undertaking to improve our school.








 S.I.G. 2017-18

S.I.G. Members meet with Mrs Williams every Wednesday afternoon, to work on the current school action. 

Current aim and objective:

Through an action research project undertaken by previous S.I.G’s over the last few years it has become apparent that using the outdoors as a fundamental resource for teaching and learning is a valuable tool to enhance learning opportunities and experiences. Our research has shown that by engaging children in outdoor learning we not only develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live but we also raise self confidence and self esteem, enhance team work and cooperation and promote independence in our children  throughout the year groups from nursery to year 6. 

As a result of this research  and in order to improve the learning opportunities at school, this S.I.G group have been tasked with the planning and development of a brand new outdoor learning environment to be enjoyed by all the children.

It was decided that the best way forward would be to develop a space which would be suitable for use by children of all ages. In order to maximise potential we wanted to create a multiuse area which could be adapted to suit the different ages and abilities and which could be utalised through different seasons and in different British weathers!

A plan was drawn up:

The ethos behind our multi use area is;

‘plant it, grow it, cook it, eat it, enjoy it’  

We decided to develop an area centred around an outdoor pizza oven where produce can be planted and grown in the raised bed, prepared on the work surface area, cooked in the pizza oven and then shared and enjoyed with friends in the seating area. The seating area and additional work surface area can be used as a multi functional outdoor working space along with the pizza oven.

We are very grateful to the PTA for their support in the form of a grant to help fund this project and to the parents for their fundraising efforts to ensure we raise necessary money needed to be able to provide the children with this new and exciting outdoor learning area.

Please keep an eye on the progress we are making as we keep you updated with our photo diary.

March 2018