eSafety @ High Cross

As part of our on-going IT education at High Cross we teach the children about the importance of eSafety, by promoting the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology.

    ** We have fourtnightly assemblies for KS2 - reinforcing the safe use of online devices and where to go for help.**

    ** eSafety reinforced and planned into our IT lessons.

    ** We have Digital Leaders in Year 6 who have on-going training to update them on current apps and programmes to support other

        learners. They also promote the safe and responsoble use of technology in our lessons.


We participated in Safer Internet Day 2017 again this year to continue to raise the profile of eSafety. This was held on

Tuesday 7th February.

Our PLO PC Thomas held an introduction and information event at School for parents on Wedneday 8th February at 5.30pm.


Here are some resources that will assist you in keeping you child safe on the internet:

 The thinkuknow website offers resources for children between 5 and 16 and also information for parent/carers.  There are games and videos for    the children to play that will get them thinking about internet safety issues.


The CEOP website offers links to the thinkuknow site as well as other information for parent/carers.

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The BBC also offers games and videos to keep children of Foundation Phase age informed. 


As part of our on-going education at High Cross to teach children about the importance of eSafety.